DOUBLE DEGREE Tongji Maschinenbau

Majors of the exchange double master degree at TONGJI

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Thermal and Power Engineering
  • Automotive Engineering (Vehicle Engineering, Power Train Machinery and Engineering)

At TU Darmstadt

  • Maschinenbau – Mechanical and Process Engineering

1. Candidates’ selection:

Prospective students:

TONGJI students,

- who hold a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Thermal Energy Engineering.

- who are enrolled in the Master Degree program at TONGJI.

TU Darmstadt students,

- who hold a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical and Process Engineering.

- who are enrolled in the Master Degree program at TU Darmstadt.

The home institution shall propose a list of selected students to the host institution.

2. Program of study:

2.1 Duration of the program:

In order to obtain the double degrees, the participants of the program must complete 2 semesters at the home institution and last 3 semesters at the host institution.

The teaching plan of the Double Degree student should be decided by both institutes from each University.

2.2 Contents of the program:

The Double Degree program will fulfill the requirements and the general curriculum of both universities. The principle for the individual study program will follow the rule that at least 25% of courses of comparable categories will be performed at each university. Master courses of the host university, which are similar to courses of the respective Bachelor curriculum should be excluded.

The courses may be offered in German or English at TU Darmstadt and in German/English or in Chinese at TONGJI.

The Master thesis will be assigned by the host institution. Each student shall have two supervisors, one from each institution.

3. Language requirements:

- TONGJI students shall have passed a German language test (16 score of TestDaF) at the beginning of their master’s degree studies in Germany.

- TU Darmstadt students shall also have a basic knowledge in Chinese and have to pass the exams of the first two semester courses of Chinese at TU Darmstadt at the beginning of Master Degree Study in China.

4. Rights and duties of students:

4.1 Rights of the students:

The Double Master Degree students will be fully registered at the host institution and remain registered at the home institution.

The students will receive a copy of the regulations at each institution concerning the graduation procedure (application rules, documents to produce).

4.2 Duties of the students:

Students pursuing the double master degree program continue to pay tuition or registration fees at their home institution. Both institutions are exempt from tuition fees for the visiting Double Master’s Degree students, but not from the registration fee.

The host institution may require the visiting students to subscribe a personal insurance for medical coverage under the local Social Security scheme and for third-party liability.

Students shall bear expenses connected with traveling abroad (i.e. passport and visa costs, international transportation, health insurance, accommodation and other living costs).

Both institutions may assist students in finding student accommodation and supporting grants.

Throughout the study period the visiting student is subject to the administrative and academic regulations of the host institution.

Students shall follow the agreement signed to obtain both degrees.

5. Contact

Prof. Dr. Hermann Winner, Chair of Automotive Engineering and Program Coordinator