Information about PROMOS

The following projects receive support through the DAAD PROMOS Scholarship Program at the TU Darmstadt:

1. One-semester study-abroad programmes (not longer and not shorter!) at partner universities outside of Europe (+ Russia).

2. The production of a capstone project (Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis) at partner universities outside of Europe (+ Russia).

The PROMOS scholarships are awarded by the TU Darmstadt through a merit-based application process.


The application deadline for a stay abroad in 2018 is November 15. The online application will be activated in the end of October. Please organise all your application documents.

The next information sessions about PROMOS are in September and October. If you didn’t submit an equivalent application (e.g. a self-organised thesis, freemover), please contact us.



Application Deadlines

Process and Formalities

Additional Tips and Guidance

Additional Documents



The number of financially supported students depends on the total funding amount, provided by the DAAD to TU Darmstadt. The following criteria determine the internal selection: Formal criteria (timely and complete submission of the documents), academic performance, language proficiency and the content of your application.

A poor valuation in just one area (e.g. academic performance) can be compensated through good valuations in other areas.

The proof of language fluency can be submitted up until your departure. In that case the grading of the application will only be as high as B2, which represents the minimum required levels of language proficiency.

Yes, as long as it arrives here within a few days of the deadline. If this is the case, please ask the professor to send the recommendation through the mail or via email directly to: Unit for International Relations and Mobility,

The amount of aid is established differently by DAAD offices state by state (see link on homepage), but it will be around 300-500 Euros per month.

No, we only support stays that last a maximum of one semester (six months or less). If you plan to stay longer, please find out about other funding opportunities.

Yes, partially. More exact information can be found on the Promos Information Sheet under VI. Rules about Combinations and Deductions.