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Christmas time…

Bild: Ulrike Albrecht

This year the TU Shop has special offers during christmas time again. From first advent there is the walking-stick umbrella for only 15 € – just in time for the bad weather outside. Warm red jackets are available from second advent, for just 15 € as well. But there is more: for hot drinks like coffee, tea oder hot wine you may buy the glass beaker for 5 €.

From third advent on four products do have special prices: touch screen gloves, LED lamp with dynamo, keychain QR-code and writing set box, only 5 € each.

Beginning on 21st December, the fabric bag (old style) is available for only 1,50 € and even cheaper you can buy the ballpen slider for just 1 €.

All offers are valid until 22nd December.

So if you want to buy christmas presents for your friends and family, fellow students and colleagues or even for yourself stop by at TU-Shop right away. Offers are available only in karo 5 and while stocks last.

TU-Shop in karo 5 is open until 22nd December and re-opens on 11th January.

We wish you a pleasent christmas time.

Notice: TU-Staff will get a discount if you are shopping for your department. You will need a cost unit (Kostenstelle) and a TU Darmstadt email-address to do so.

UniMerch GmbH runs the merchandising shop at TU Darmstadt.

Contact information: phone 08141 / 369850