Automated Driving Darmstadt for Students

The aim of the project is to provide a modular vehicle platform across all departments and study disciplines at TU Darmstadt.

With aDDa projects, students can develop and apply algorithms for fully automated driving functions. In addition to the conventional algorithms, driving functions that learn from operating data and experience are of special interest.

In general, it is a difficult task to create a secure and reliable development platform considering the uncertainties associated with many student projects working on a project together. However, the departments of TU Darmstadt are willing to create the safety structure evaluate the modular results, created by students projects to achieve this goal.

The long-term goal of aDDa is to develop the autonomous vehicle to be used on public roads. For example, the VAAFO method, developed by FZD (Virtual Assessment of Automated Vehicles in Field Operation), allows a secure testing of algorithms developed by students on the test field as well as the real roads. Participating in aDDa project, students learn not only to develop new functions for autonomous cars, but also to get to know the whole process of system development, implementation and validation

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