Real-time Systems

The research activities of the Real-Time System Lab are centered around the idea of model-driven software engineering.

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Already finished and still running research projects are organized in 6 clusters.

The cluster “Meta-Modeling & Model Transformation” builds the fundament for all other clusters.

Based on model engineering technologies and tools developed in this cluster, the “Concurrent Engineering & Tool Integration” as well as the “Model-Based Quality Assurance” clusters represent groups of research projects related to the development of techniques that support synchronization of models across engineering domain on one hand and systematic model-based analysis and testing of software on the other hand.

The remaining three clusters “Model-Driven Security Engineering”, “Product Line Engineering”, and “Self-Adaptive Distributed Systems” finally study the application of model-based software engineering concepts from different perspectives with a main focus on high-level specification and generative software engineering techniques.

Right now these techniques are mainly used for the development of distributed system monitoring and self-adaptation mechanisms as well as for optimizing software product line quality assurance processes.

Studied application domains addressed in cooperations with industry include the model-based development of automation engineering applications, automotive software, etc.