The Control Theory and Robotics Lab
Picture: RMR

The Control Theory and Robotics (RMR) Lab and the Control Technology and Mechatronics Department together make up the Institute for Automation Technology.

Instruction and research focus on the following subjects:

• Control Theory;

• Computational Intelligence;

• Robotic.

The goal of research and instruction at the lab is to impart systematic knowledge with a high degree of relevance for current engineering practice. In keeping with that basic principle, a close interweaving of theory and practical application in industry occurs in our lectures, internships, seminars, as well as our research and thesis papers.. This training produces engineers who are independent, highly qualified, and practically-oriented in their skills.

In research our goal is to drive innovation in control technology, computational intelligence, and robotics with a high level of practical relevance. With this in mind, we directly involve our students in research work and collaborate with a wide range of partners in industry and academia.