Verbunden bleiben

Getting involved


Alumni as mentors for one day

Give students or doctoral candidates at TU Darmstadt a quick insight into your daily job. Let them “shadow” you for one day and become familiar with a new professional and working environment. You can help to make studying at our university more practical. more

Alumni Ambassadors

Your experience abroad at TU Darmstadt is valuable for others. You are a bridge builder between Darmstadt and your home country. You are our local expert. Share your experience and your knowledge and become an Alumni Ambassador! more

Bild: Ein "30-Euro-Schein" - damit finanzieren 60 Personen ein Stipendium
Bild: Engagierte Bürger bei einer Mitmachaktion im Darmstädter Schlossgarten

Alumni funding a scholarship

Do you remember? As a student with good academic achievements and involved in voluntary work, the question often arises: How will I fund my studies? We are asking 60 alumni to donate a one-time sum of €30 in order to jointly fund an “alumni scholarship” as part of the Deutschlandstipendium scheme. more

Alumni rolling up their sleeves

TU Darmstadt is transforming the ditch around Darmstadt Palace into a garden. For this we need people who will give their time, roll up their sleeves and help shape the Palace garden during one of our hands-on sessions. more

Bild: Der Alumnus Carlos Marazzi vor fast 60 Jahren an der TU Darmstadt
Bild: Studenten mit Kisten auf dem Campus – Wohnraum ist knapp in Darmstadt.

Alumni remembering

As former members and friends, you know our university from a particular time period and from your own very personal perspective. Share with us these memories of student life. Depending on your preference, we can present your snapshots, mementos and texts online or put them in the archive. more

Alumni renting out accommodation

There is a shortage of housing in Darmstadt. For this reason, the university’s Housing Services assist visiting researchers and international students at TU Darmstadt in searching for suitable accommodation in Darmstadt and surroundings. more

Bild: Preisverleihung der Vereinigung von Freunden der Technischen Universität zu Darmstadt

Alumni getting involved in an association

With membership in Vereinigung von Freunden der Technischen Universität zu Darmstadt e. V. (Association of Friends of Technische Universität Darmstadt) or a donation, you can support awards for outstanding academic achievements. Many of the departments offer their own alumni associations / societies of friends or contacts at the Departmental Office. Is yours one of them? more