Verbunden bleiben

Send us your memories

As former members and friends, you know our university from a particular time period and from your own very personal perspective. We would be delighted if you would share this with us.

The archive – our memory

As the memory of Technische Universität Darmstadt, the university archive collects and keeps information on the history of our university as well as on people who have taught, carried out research or studied at the TU. It responds to enquiries from all over the world and supports research projects on all kinds of different topics. Serving as a basis for the research are the files stored in the archive, which predominantly come from the area of university administration.

Student life

In the research, however, it is particularly the personal stories behind the files that are interesting, especially on everyday student life in Darmstadt. We would therefore like to ask you for

  • snapshots from a lecture or the work of student groups
  • personal mementos, such as lovingly created goodbye presents or personally composed birthday songs

Do you have material for our archive?

Please contact the university archive team, telephone +49 6151 16-76528, email: