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Job shadowing – mentoring for a day!

Do you still remember starting your career?

What was it like for you getting an idea of all the possible job options for your profile and then actually filtering out the one “right” profession for you?

Today, numerous young people are faced with the problem of choosing from the many career options as well. However, nowadays, you are in a position to help these people by sharing your wealth of professional experience with them. Take on an unsure student as a personal job shadow for a day and send him / her off as a confident job starter.

This is what you can do:

Job shadowing

… is a quick and simple method of career orientation.

Our goal is for students and doctoral candidates at TU Darmstadt to accompany professionally experienced alumni for one day. By watching and talking to the professional, students can become familiar with a new professional and working environment in a very short space of time. Although the shadows do not actually get involved in the work, they experience everyday working life close up and thus get a good picture of what it is like.

Our first job shadowing team at TU Darmstadt

You can join in

… if you are an alumnus / alumna of TU Darmstadt who would enjoy getting to know one or more inquisitive young people and looking after them for a day.

Numerous departments, will be taking part as of April 2017. Therefore, we are looking forward to first brave alumni who send us their profile.

To the example profiles

Your reasons for getting involved

Your day with a job shadow

Interested? Get in touch with us!

Anna Dimitrova, M. A.
Tel: 06151 16-20759


Tip: Inform your job shadow beforehand by telephone of what to expect.

Between when and when is work done, including any overtime? What is the schedule for the day? What kind of dress code do you have?