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Become an Alumni Ambassador!

Photo: Katrin Binner
Photo: Katrin Binner

Do you still remember your first days in Darmstadt? When you came to Germany full of curiosity but with so many questions in your head and an unsettled feeling in your stomach? When you didn't know what lay ahead? And when you were grateful for people who helped you get started and supported you as you arrived? Maybe now you are back in your home country and like to look back on that exciting time?

Your experience abroad at TU Darmstadt is also valuable for others. With these happy memories, give something back and share your experience and knowledge with today's students and researchers or other alumni. You are our local expert. You are a bridge builder between Darmstadt and your home country. Become an Alumni Ambassador and provide support as a contact person, contact manager, intercultural advisor and networker to

  • German exchange students who have questions about living and studying in your country
  • future students from your country who are interested in studying at TU Darmstadt
  • visiting researchers and alumni who would like contacts and advance information

Once a year we would like to invite Alumni Ambassadors from all over the world to Darmstadt for an Alumni Ambassador meeting. Here you can find out more about your role as an ambassador and can exchange ideas with other ambassadors. The first Alumni Ambassador workshop took place from 20.-25. November 2016 at TU Darmstadt. You may find further information here.

Are you still in Darmstadt and planning to return home in the near future? We also offer ambassador workshops locally. Get in touch with us!


If you would like to become an Alumni Ambassador, please fill out the ambassador registration form. For further information please contact:

Christine Schmitt

Telephone +49 6151 16-27819

First international Alumni Ambassador

TU-President Hans Jürgen Prömel thanking Prof. Keping Li for his commitment to TU Darmstadt. Picture: Isabell Harbrecht
TU-President Hans Jürgen Prömel thanking Prof. Keping Li for his commitment to TU Darmstadt. Picture: Isabell Harbrecht

Prof. Keping Li of Tongji-University provides information about the TU Darmstadt

International alumni can share their experience studying abroad at TU Darmstadt with students or scientists in their home countries. At Tongji-University the first international Alumni Ambassador started as contact person. Read the full article here.