Training Workshops
Low-cost 3D printing as a tool in manufacturing


Showing the potential of AM in a corporate context (“Best Practices”) using case studies. Goal: To answer the question “How can 3D printing become a competitive advantage in (small & medium sized) companies?”

  • Basics FFF & SLA, differences of the processes, Design for AM“”
  • Teaching mindset in design, e.g. also soldering thread inserts, nuts as counterparts, inserting magnets or similar
  • Teaching “tricks” in design, -introduce devices, materials & price (“”Which printer for which purposes?“”)
  • Application cases (“”Best Practices“”): Seals, embossing tools, clamping devices, molds,

Practical activity:

  • Workflow: CAD available, how to get to printer (short)
  • Set up own print job

Target Audience:

Managment, Operativ – Engineering, Operativ – Technology



Workshop Duration (Days):


Next Dates:

To be announced