AI Centre Hesse established on 31 August 2020

The CCS is involved with 6 out of the 22 founding professors


The new Hesse Centre for Artificial Intelligence (AI Centre Hesse / KI-Zentrum Hessen) has been established on 31 August 2020, funded by the State of Hesse. The AI Centre Hesse shall deliver excellent AI-related basic research, will focus on specific practical applications in order to tackle important challenges of our time, and is supposed to transfer knowledge and insights to business and society.

The new centre is unique across Germany because it is backed by 13 universities in Hesse as a joint institution, comprising different types of institutions and bringing together their various strengths. The State of Hesse is creating 20 additional professorships and providing funding of 38 million euros for them during the five-year development phase.

The AI Centre Hesse will have its main site at TU Darmstadt, the spokespeople for the centre being Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mira Mezini (Department of Computer Science at TU Darmstadt) and Prof. Dr. Kristian Kersting (Department of Computer Science and Centre for Cognitive Science at TU Darmstadt).

The AI Centre Hesse will be a big gain for the closely intertwined research on AI and human cognition at TU Darmstadt and the Centre for Cognitive Science (CCS). Among the 22 founding professors are the CCS members Prof. Dr. Kristian Kersting, Prof. Dr. Jan Peters, Prof. Dr. Stefan Roth, Prof. Dr. Constantin Rothkopf, and the CCS-associated researchers Prof. Dr. Iryna Gurevych, and Prof. Dr. Oskar von Stryk.

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