CCS members join ELLIS – the European network for cutting-edge AI research

European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems launched


On 15 September 2020 the European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems (ELLIS) officially inaugurated its network of 30 research units in a video conference. One of the research units is based at TU Darmstadt.

The ELLIS Unit Darmstadt starts its work with a team of six ELLIS Fellows and professorships from three departments (Computer Science, Human Sciences, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology), all being core members or associated members of the Centre for Cognitive Science: Prof. Iryna Gurevych, Prof. Kristian Kersting, Prof. Heinz Köppl, Prof. Jan Peters, Prof. Stefan Roth and Prof. Constantin Rothkopf. The unit’s spokesperson is the Computer Science Professor Stefan Roth, who has as well been awarded an ERC grant.

Stefan Roth introduces the Darmstadt ELLIS Unit

Spanning 14 European countries, the ELLIS network includes several world-class institutions. The goal of ELLIS is to develop a European research institute for cutting-edge AI research across various different sites. It will mainly focus on research into machine learning and other fields that are strongly based on machine learning – such as computer vision, natural language processing and robotics, which are all strongly represented at TU Darmstadt. Other areas of focus are human-centric and trustworthy AI, as well as areas of application such as environmental modelling, autonomous systems design, biology and health. The ELLIS units will make a decisive contribution to securing Europe’s leading role in the research field of modern AI.

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