IKIDA – new junior research group started

Interactive AI algorithms & cognitive models for human-AI interaction


From l. to r.: top: Dr. Dorothea Koert, Vildan Salikutluk, Lisa Scherf, bottom: Svenja Stark, Susanne Trick, Dr. Cigdem Turan

The new junior research group IKIDA (Interaktive KI für Domänenexperten und Alltagsnutzer) has started on 1.10.2020, as announced by the TU Darmstadt (also in German).

The overall technical and scientific goal of IKIDA is the development of interactive, probabilistic AI algorithms, which benefit from direct interaction with users. Enabling such direct interaction between AI algorithms and users is also intended to lower application hurdles of AI solutions and can potentially increase their sustainability and acceptance. For the development of the AI algorithms we particularly plan to incorporate and develop new cognitive models for human-AI interaction.

Project facts:

  • Duration: 01.10.2020-30.09.2024
  • Team: 6 young female scientists from the research fields of machine learning, robotics and cognitive science. The group is headed by Dorothea Koert.
  • Partners: The associated industry partners Energy Robotics (Darmstadt), Franka Emika (Munich) and Porsche Motorsport (Weissach) will help to find and evaluate practical relevant use cases for the developed interactive AI methods, such as automated data classification and robot skill learning.
  • Funding: The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in the frame of the directive to promote junior female AI scientists (Richtlinie zur Förderung von KI-Nachwuchswissenschaftlerinnen), Grant Nr. 01IS20045.
  • Support: IKIDA is supported by the AI initiative AI:DA and the Centre for Cognitive Science.