Archive 2018

Past Events

Date Title Description
11.12.2018 Talk: The role of postural adjustments in motor coordination in humans Speaker: Charlotte Le Mouel, Max Plank Institute, Stuttgart
19.11.2018 Talk: In large scale movements with a common goal humans use common postures Speaker: Dana Ballard, University of Texas in Austin
25.10.2018 Talk: Deep X: Deep Learning with Deep Knowledge Speaker: Volker Tresp, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
24.10.2018 Talk: Shared Autonomy – The Future of Interactive Robotics Speaker: Sethu Vijayakumar FRSE, University of Edinburgh
22.10.2018 Talk: Artificial haptic intelligence for human-machine systems Speaker: Veronica J. Santos, University of California in Los Angeles
01.10.2018 Talk: The New Wave in Robot Grasping Speaker: Ken Goldberg, UC Berkeley
KogWis 2018 / Computational Approaches to Cognitive Science
The 14th biannual conference of the German Society for Cognitive Science, GK
31.08.2018 Talk: How to walk on two legs: neural control of balance during walking in humans Speaker: Jan Hendrik Reimann, University of Delaware
17.08.2018 Talk: Soft Humanoid Robotics Speaker: Prof. Koh Hosoda, Osaka University
13.07.2018 Talk: Modeling human locomotion control and its applications Speaker: Seungmoon Song, Standford University
06.06.2018 Talk: The Peculiarities of Robotic Embodiment Speaker: Astrid Rosenthal-von der Pütten, RWTH Aachen
15.05.2018 Talk: Acute and interventional effects of exercise training on postural control in seniors: Applicability of novel training approaches Speaker: Lars Donath, DSHS Köln
14.05.2018 Talk: Risk in Reinforcement Learning: Nothing ventured nothing gained Speaker: Shie Mannor, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
08.05.2018 Talk: Introduction to Deep Learning with Apache MxNet Gluon Speaker: Steffen Rochel, Amazon AI / Amazon Web Services
07.05.2018 Talk: Autonome Systeme in der Produktion Speaker: Debora Clever, ABB Corporate Research Center
06.04.2018 Talk: Machine Learning from Weak Supervision – Towards Accurate Classification with Low Labeling Costs Speaker: Masashi Sugiyama, RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project / University of Tokyo
28.02.2018 Talk: Estimation, Optimization & Control Speaker: Stefan Löckel, Porsche AG
23.01.2018 Talk: Design and Control of Minitaur, a Direct-drive Quadrupedal Robot Speaker: Daniel Blackman, Florida State University
18.01.2018 Talk: Status Update – What I Did at RIKEN Speaker: Simone Parisi, TU Darmstadt
18.01.2018 Talk: Songbird song learning through the lens of reinforcement learning Speaker: Gagan Narula, Institute of Neuroinformatics (INI), Zurich
10.01.2018 CoCoTalks – Distinguished Lectures in Cognitive Science: The neural correlates of expectation and consciousness as revealed by laminar and columnar fMRI at 7+ Tesla Speaker: Rainer Goebel, Cognitive Neuroscience, Maastricht University