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Directorate for Research and Technology Transfer

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Dezernat VI – Forschung und Transfer -
Schleiermacherstr. 10/12 (S4|25)
64283 Darmstadt

+49 6151 / 16 -…
+49 6151 / 16 – 57204
+49 6151 / 16 – 57211 (research administration)
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Technische Universität Darmstadt
Dezernat VI
Karolinenplatz 5
64289 Darmstadt

Contact persons

Name Working area(s) Office Phone E-mail

Research strategy, research profile, research funding, research cooperationsS4|25 316-57200

, , S4/25 31757218
Unit VI A: Research Funding

Head of Unit
EU funding programmes, LEAR, EU for You!S4|25 313-57225
VI A.1: National Research Funding

Head of National Research Funding
National funding programmes (DFG), LOEWE programmeS4|25 312-57214

S4|25 318-57118
VI A.2: EU Research Funding

S4|25 314-57251

S4|25 314-57212
VI A.3: Early Career Researchers

Managing Director Ingenium, early career researchersS1|21 A202-57217

Administration professional skills programmeS1|21 A204-57234

on maternity leave
Counselling, NetworkingS1|21 A205-57222

Coordination of Cooperative Doctoral PlatformsS1|21 A204-57295
Unit VI B: Research Administration

Head of Unit
Key questions regarding research administration, Industrial Liaison Officer, shareholdings, , S4|25 325-57206
Research Controlling

Research controlling, statistics of third-party fundsS4|25 309-57203

S4|25 319-57290
VI B.1: Industrial Liaison Office

Industrial Liaison Officer, trade fairsS4|25 310-57221
VI B.2: Contract Management

S4|25 307-57490

S4|25 311-57294

Advisory service for full costing parameters (including Excel sheet), advisory service for BMBF/BMWi and AiF-ZIM proposals, administration of AiF-ZIM projectsS4|25 301-57213
VI B.3: Third-Party Funds

Head of Third-Party Funds
Key questions regarding administration of third-party funds, Clusters of Excellence and Graduate Schools, LOEWE projectsS4|25 302-57209

, , , S4|25 303-57232

DFG (CRC/SFB, RTG/GRK)S4|25 305-57202

Federal funds for departments 1 to 13, LOEWE projects with SMES4|25 303-57252

Advisory service for BMBF/BMWi and AiF-ZIM proposals, administration of AiF-ZIM projectsS4|25 301-57213

Federal funds for departments 16 and 20, AiF-IGFS4|25 301-57216

RegistrarS4|25 305-57208
Unit VI C: Technology Transfer

Head of Unit, Deputy Director
Knowledge and technology transfer, patent managementS4|25 320-57205
VI C.1: IP- & Innovation-Management

Head of IP- & Innovation-Management
IP- & Innovation-ManagementS4|25 321-57215

Innovation ManagerS4|25 325-57228

8:00 to 13:00
Administration for IP-Management and TransferS4|25 321-57210

Start-up coachingS4|25 326-57219

Start-up coachingS4|25 324-57226

S4|25 326-57224

S4|25 325-57254