Validation Fund

Validation support and funding programs at the Technische Universität Darmstadt

For TU Darmstadt technology transfer (e.g. the transfer of research results) is as core responsibility besides research and teaching. However, the transfer of scientific results into application is often a difficult task. Due to high technical and economic risks in the early stages of the development-, validation- and exploitation-process it is often difficult to find suitable realization partners and investors.

In order to successfully transfer innovative, economic and/or social results into the market there are several funding programs available.


If you are interested in the named funding and support programs respectively have further questions about the central support offer or filing of application, please contact:

Herrn Robert Heitzmann (Pioneer Fund)

Herrn Deniz Bayramoglu (VIP+)

Herrn Bartosz Kajdas ( Exist und GO-Bio)