Forms of cooperation

Research Cooperation

Applied research at TU Darmstadt. Photo: Katrin Binner
Applied research at TU Darmstadt. Photo: Katrin Binner

TU Darmstadt has been successfully cooperating for many years with organisation of all sizes from industry and society in general – even across national borders. This cooperation provides important impetus both for fundamental and also applied research and ensures the transfer of important research findings to practical applications.

The transfer of knowledge and technology is individually adapted to the participating partner. Large companies can thus solve complex tasks that are promptly investigated by interdisciplinary teams. Small and medium-sized enterprises can benefit from specialist knowledge in joint research projects.

Forms of cooperation

Cooperation makes it possible for every question or problem to be individually and competently addressed. The complexity, time horizon and scope of the research projects are defined jointly with the partners. TU Darmstadt offers different formats to match the individual framework conditions of the project and the requirements of the participants:

Collaborative research and commissioned research

Collaborative research and commissioned research are the most common formats for research conducted together with or for companies. Collaborative research is used to investigate questions or problems that are interesting to all participants. All cooperation partners participate in the research and there is a constant intensive exchange of ideas. In contrast, commissioned research involves TU Darmstadt (as the contractor) carrying out a precisely defined and self-contained task for a company (as the client). go

Strategic Partnerships and TU Darmstadt-Kooperationsinstitute

TU Darmstadt enters into strategic partnerships with selected long-standing or closely linked partners, which generally focus on several research themes and cover multiple departments. The strategic partnership is individually designed according to the requirements of the partners. It is based on a variety of formats for cooperation such as Cooperative Labs or Strategic Alliances.

The label “TU Darmstadt-Kooperationsinstitut” can be issued by the Executive Board to special strategic partnerships. go


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