How to Get to Darmstadt

The following pages provide a short overview of the different ways to get to Darmstadt.

Arrival by Airplane (Rhein-Main Airport in Frankfurt)

The closest airport to Darmstadt is the Rhein-Main Airport in Frankfurt. If you arrive at Frankfurt Airport, there is a bus line, the HEAG AirLiner (Darmstadt), which will take you directly to Darmstadt. It runs daily, usually every 30 minutes, and costs approximately 8 EUR (tickets are sold by the driver, cash only). The AirLiner leaves the airport from the bus station at Terminal 1 (Haltebucht 14) and Terminal 2. The bus takes approximately 30 minutes to get to Darmstadt; there you can either get out at the central station (Hauptbahnhof) or at Luisenplatz (city centre). Here you can find the AirLiner schedule and further information.

Another Airport, Frankfurt-Hahn is located more than 100 km away from Frankfurt despite its name. Many low-cost airlines rather fly to Frankfurt-Hahn instead of Frankfurt am Main International. You can take a shuttle bus from Hahn to Frankfurt and then take from there the airliner to Darmstadt.

Arrival by Train (Frankfurt Central Station)

If you are arriving via Frankfurt Central Station, you will need to buy an extra ticket to Darmstadt, which you can buy at one of the ticket vending machines (approx. 8 EUR). This ticket can also be used on trains and buses in Darmstadt. For further information, please refer to

Getting to the City Centre (from Darmstadt Central Station)

Once you are in Darmstadt, you can either take a taxi or the tram/bus to get to your accommodation. Buses and trams run frequently from the main station to the city centre. Have a look at the timetables and maps or ask at the information counter. If you have arrived in Darmstadt with the train, your ticket is also valid for public transportation within the city centre. If you arrive by AirLiner, you will have to buy an extra ticket at one of the vending machines at the bus stop (cash only).

You can reach the city centre (Luisenplatz), as well as the university, within six minutes by taking the F, K or H bus line. You can also take the tramway lines 2, 3 or 5. During the day, all these buses and trams run every 15 minutes.