Ingenium Funding Package

After the doctorate: Postdoc at TU Darmstadt

A postdoc is the next step after the doctorate and thus the next step in your academic career. To offer the best possible support for young researchers on their academic path, TU Darmstadt has implemented Postdoc Career Programmes, which meet the particular challenges of an early research career.

The Postdoc Career Programmes focus on four areas of support: (1) creating best possible conditions to start your career at TU Darmstadt, (2) providing financial aid in between two career steps, (3) offering a support package for special scientific purposes, (4) increasing your scientific independence and promoting your path towards professorship.

The Postdoc Career Programmes are augmented by a broad range of accompanying supportive services open to all postdocs at TU Darmstadt. These services comprise the participation in the Ingenium professional skills programme, the Ingenium career networking programme, and the Research Funding services at TU Darmstadt. On this site you will find further information on all our programmes and services tailored especially to postdoctoral researchers.

Jobs and Research Opportunities

With a focus on technology, our 13 departments represent a broad range of scientific disciplines and engineering fields. Together with our Graduate Schools, Research Training Groups, Collaborative Research Centres and Research Units they offer a stimulating and cooperative research environment for young researchers. This is where your research takes place! Browse our departments and research programmes sites for an overview over current research projects and recruitment options. Additionally, you find a list of job vacancies on our career site. As part of our Postdoc Career Programmes, the ‘Future Talents’ Postdoc Career Days offer an alternative way to join TU Darmstadt as a postdoc and to get to know us better.

Postdoc Career Programmes

As a postdoctoral researcher you can profit from a number of support and funding programmes at TU Darmstadt. All of these programmes are tailored especially to enhance your career prospects and secure scientific autonomy.

'Future Talents' Postdoc Career Days Qualification Courses for Postdocs Career Bridging Grants Ingenium Support Package Ernst Ludwig-Mobilitätsstipendium
Area of support Form of support Eligible expenses Amount (max.)
Formation of research groups or networks Financial support for the formation and preparation of cross-university and interdisciplinary research groups and networks Staff appropriations for student assistants; material ressources for consumables, travels and participation in research groups and networks 500 €
Organisation of conferences Financial support for the organisation of conferences (the conference must either be organised by a postdoc or explicitly address early career researchers) Staff appropriations for student assistants; material ressources for consumables 1.000 €
Equality Grant Financial support for postdocs reconciling family and research during research activities like conferences, research stays Expenses for (child) care or travel expenses (for children, babysitter) 50% of estimated extra costs; max. 500 €
Special teaching and research purposes Financial support for special teaching and research situations, such as the preparation of publications, the organisation of special teaching formats, etc. Staff appropriations for student assistants; printing costs 500 €

Who can apply?

You can apply for funding if you are:

  • a postdoc at TU Darmstadt
  • in need of funding for special purposes regarding your postdoc phase
  • lacking other financing options

Please hand in (as one PDF file)

How we select

The selection process is organised by Ingenium and the Vice President, Academic Affairs. Applications can be submitted at all times.

Next steps

We are looking forward to receiving your proposal electronically as one PDF file to .

Ingenium – Young Researchers at TU Darmstadt

Technische Universität Darmstadt

Karolinenplatz 5

64289 Darmstadt

Career, Training, Networking

Ingenium organises a broad range of professional skills courses and networking events for both doctoral and postdoctoral students at TU Darmstadt. In addition, the Ingenium support package now offers courses exclusively tailored to promoting postdoc careers:

Please submit the registration form to register for the courses. For further information, please refer to the Ingenium website.

Research Support

In addition to our Postdoc Career Programmes, a variety of services at TU offer information, counselling and support in all areas relating to your research.

Ingenium – Young Researchers at TU Darmstadt

As the umbrella organisation for promoting early career researchers at TU Darmstadt, Ingenium offers information, guidance and support in pursuing academic as well as non-academic career paths. Besides functioning as a single point of contact for doctoral candidates and postdocs at TU Darmstadt, Ingenium proffers a professional skills programme and regularly organises career and networking events.

Research Funding

The Research Funding Unit in the Directorate for Research and Technology Transfer provides information, advice and services related to research funding programmes and proposal writing.

Senior Scientific Advisors

Learn about the principles, tips and tricks of proposal writing from TU Darmstadt’s senior scientific advisors. The experienced and renowned professors offer individual counselling regarding proposal preparation for individual funding, e.g. to prepare a proposal for research grants at DFG or at the ERC.

Additional Services

In order to be able to concentrate fully on your research, several service institutions at TU Darmstadt help you with organizational matters relating to your moving to Darmstadt or finding family support.