Scholarship to complete the dissertation

International doctoral candidates can apply for a scholarship to complete the dissertation within the STIBET programme. Therewith, international doctoral candidates for which the completion of the doctorate is in sight and whose initial scholarship runs out in the near future will be supported. These scholarships aim at supporting applicants who face financial difficulties once their initial scholarship ends but can bring good reasons as to why they were not able to finish their doctorate within the duration of their initial scholarship.

  • international doctoral candidates (foreign nationals who have acquired their university entrance qualification abroad) in cooperation with their institute/research group (Fachgebiet)
  • the doctoral candidate must be recipient of a scholarship. It is irrelevant who the scholarship provider is.
  • Academic staff is not eligible

You can apply for the scholarship under the following conditions:

  • You have no alternative funding option
  • You are accepted by a department of TU Darmstadt as a doctoral candidate and prepare the application in cooperation with your institute/research group (Fachgebiet)
  • You are enrolled as doctoral candidate at TU Darmstadt during the funding period
  • You have performed well and a successful completion of the dissertation (submission of dissertation) is to be expected within 6 months of the beginning of the scholarship
  • You do not at the same time receive financial support from any other domestic or foreign authority. We point out that a non-academic employment is not permitted while receiving the scholarship. An academic employment may be exercised, where at max. 450,-€ monthly may be earned.

In your motivation letter you are asked to argue why you did not finish the dissertation within the duration of the initial scholarship.

Your supervisor should refer to/confirm the reasons for the delay in his/her statement.

Please note: Along the doctoral phase unexpected project delays may take place in a multitude of cases. Eligibility for this scholarship requires that the unexpected delay was caused at the time by a personal emergency situation. Please explain your personal emergency situation and give reasons why this situation caused the ongoing unexpected delay of your doctoral project. Delays due to restrictions in the research infrastructure (technical obstacles) are not eligible. It is expected that you have been able to dedicate yourself to the purpose of your scholarship (i.e. scientific qualification) during the period of your regular scholarship. Zudem wird erwartet, dass Sie sich während der Laufzeit Ihres regulären Stipendiums dem Stipendienzweck (nämlich der wissenschaftlichen Qualifikation) in der dafür vorgesehenen Zeit widmen konnten.

Key aspects for the committee regarding the selection process:

  • Applicant's need of assistance
  • Comprehensible argumentation regarding the delay in completion
  • Traceability and feasibility of the schedule
  • Residence permit status
  • Amount: 1.000,-€ per month
  • Duration: max. 6 months.
  • Start: 1 July, 2020.

A later start is presumably possible until 1 August, 2020.

Please hand in the following documents in the respective order as they are listed:

  • Motivation letter (max. 1 page)
  • Exposé of the dissertation (max. 1 page)
  • Confirmation from the supervisor that the dissertation can be successfully completed within 6 months of the scholarship to complete the dissertation; incl. statement regarding the delay
  • A coordinated schedule with the supervisor for the dissertation (actual stand plus the planned schedule for the next 6 months)
  • Application form for scholarships
  • Proof of acceptance as a doctoral candidate in the department
  • Proof of enrollment as a doctoral student at TU Darmstadt
  • Copy of university diploma (e.g. Diploma, Magister, Master)
  • Copy of the expiring scholarship contract
  • Proof of special services (e.g. prizes and awards or special social or political commitment) or special support needs (e.g. family)

Deadline: 1 June, 2019

Please send your application in one single PDF document by e-mail to .