Against sexualised discrimination and assault

For a culture of mutual respect at TU Darmstadt

Sexualised discrimination and sexual assault are not tolerated at TU Darmstadt. The TU Darmstadt demands and promotes an interaction that is respectful and based on equal opportunity between each and every member and associate at the University as well as guests and other persons from outside.

It is everyone’s responsibility!

Have you experienced or witnessed sexualised discrimination and assault? Then you are called upon to take action. Call it what it is and support those affected or demand respect and help for yourself. One’s own “gut feeling” about a situation, that something here isn’t right, is a reliable guide. Always report this to a central or departmental point of contact. You’ll find professional and confidential help there.

If you experience sexualised discrimination or assault, you can and should seek help from those present at the time, or from colleagues and supervisors.

Counselling and complaints procedure of TU Darmstadt in cases of sexualised discrimination and assault
Counselling and complaints procedure of TU Darmstadt in cases of sexualised discrimination and assault

Members of TU Darmstadt whose roles include teaching, qualification, and leadership have a special responsibility for the prevention and elimination of sexualised discrimination and assault within their areas of responsibility and for assisting those affected. TU Darmstadt supports them in their efforts by providing training and counselling as well as information and materials.

Sexualised discrimination and assault are against the law and violate the personal rights of the affected persons. That’s why in December 2015, TU Darmstadt agreed on guidelines against sexualised discrimination and assault (opens in new tab) and designated departmental and central points of contact here at the University.

The regulations laid down in the guidelines are intended to support and protect those affected and prevent and sanction sexualised discrimination and assault. Moreover, TU Darmstadt’s objective is to prevent such actions with appropriate measures.

Awareness Video

This short film (in German) is particularly intended for students and it clearly illustrates TU Darmstadt’s stance on the topic of sexualised discrimination. Furthermore, the counselling offices present themselves and explain the achTUng campaign.

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Points of Contact and Procedures

Affected persons and those looking for advice can contact the staff at the Social and Conflict Counselling Services and the Anti-discrimination office at . They provide advice and support that is professional, confidential, independent and without red tape.

Violence against Women Support Hotline
Nationwide free-of-charge hotline for victims, helpers, those seeking advice, and professionals
08000 116 016

Wildwasser Darmstadt e.V.
Fachberatungsstelle gegen sexualisierte Gewalt für Mädchen, Frauen und sie unterstützende Personen (Specialised counselling centre for victims of sexualised violence for girls, women and persons supporting them)
06151 28871

pro familia Counselling Centre Darmstadt
Women’s emergency hotline, counselling and crisis intervention for girls and women who have experienced sexualised violence
06151 45511

Frauenhaus Darmstadt
Special counselling centre for advising women who have experienced domestic violence
06151 375080

Opferschutzbeauftragte der Polizei (Victim Support Services)
06151 9694044

FIM – Frauenrecht ist Menschenrecht e.V.
(Women’s rights are human rights)
Counselling in various languages for women who have suffered psychological, physical, and sexualised violence/abuse
069 97097970

Picture: Patrick Bal


The campaign “achTUng!” on campus points out what is important to TU Darmstadt: that all TU members stand up for each other and work together against sexualised discrimination.