Angebote Doktorandinnen

Services for female (post)doctoral students

Re-entry scholarship – return to science

Target group

Scholarships for female scientists who have already completed a doctorate and have interrupted their research due to care responsibilities.

Aims and content

  • As part of the initiative programme “Research-oriented gender equality of female scientists and acquisition of female professors” at TU Darmstadt
  • Re-entry scholarships as support for the “non-exit option” for women from science despite pregnancy and the child-raising phase
  • Re-entry support e.g. in the application phase after the doctorate


  • Three scholarships are awarded each year
  • The application deadline for one returning scholarship each is 1st March, 1st July and 1st November
  • Repeated applications are permitted
  • Contact person: Dr. Inga Halwachs



Partially financed offices for the further qualification of female scientists

Target group

Female scientists who have completed a doctorate and who are aiming for further qualifications at TU Darmstadt.

Aims and content

  • Acquisition of female scientists in departments in which women are underrepresented
  • Partial financing of up to 10 state offices (full time) by TU Darmstadt
  • Partial financing of a state office: 1/3 partial financing in the 1st year and 1/6 partial financing in the 2nd year


  • Latest start of funding is 1st August of the application year
  • Application by male or female professor by 1st February of the application year (retrospective application of up to 6 months after hiring possible)
  • TU faculties that have the lowest proportion of female professors (comparative value is the national average) are considered as a priority (max. 3 applications per department).
  • Application for partial financing incl. funding application and statement on the proportion of women in the department
  • Contact person: Marion Klenk

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