Zentrale Gleichstellungsbeauftragte

The Gender Equality Officer

Dr. Uta Zybell assumed the office of the central Women’s Officer at TU Darmstadt in 2006. She was confirmed for a further term of office in 2013.

She has been the Gender Equality Officer at TU Darmstadt since November 2016. The role was renamed as part of the legal amendment to the Hessian Equal Rights Act (HGlG). The focus lies by law on the targeted promotion of women at TU Darmstadt.

The aim of HGlG is to make equal opportunities a reality for women and men, to improve the compatibility of work and family, and to eliminate the existing underrepresentation of women in public office. The Gender Equality Officer monitors the implementation of the law and advises the Executive Board.

Gender equality

  • is part of the democratic process and is a criteria of excellence
  • means equal access for women to all positions in research, teaching and service
  • aims to prevent discrimination of all kinds
  • is essential in order to be able to tap into the potential of everyone equally
  • is one of the crucial features of the university development strategy alongside interculturalism and integration


  • Involvement in all personnel measures
  • Support for the university management when implementing the gender equality directive
  • Targeted advancement of women via specific measures and concept
  • Support for Gender Equality Officers of the departments
  • Individual advice
  • Committee work
  • Internal and external cooperations


  • Acquisition of women for science, management responsibilities and for decision-making bodies
  • Motivation of women within the scientific and technical fields
  • Creation of a climate of gender equality throughout the university
  • Promotion of the active involvement of all those belonging to the university in implementing gender democracy
  • Elimination and prevention of disadvantages and discrimination