Dezentrale Gleichstellungsbeauftragte

Gender Equality Officers of the departments

Contact persons of the departments

Name Working area(s) Office Phone E-mail
Historei Bariz16-24295
Katharina Braunagel16-21131
Prof. Dr. Tanja Paulitz16-57376
Lisa Wille16-57402
Maike Arnold
Angela Menig16-24083
Susanne Pawlewicz16-23971
Dr. Kathrin Schulz16-24166
Insa Apel16-22458
Anne-Therese Rauls16-23442
Alexandra Neutsch16-21445
Bettina Plutz16-21444
Claire Ott
Sabrina Schäfer16-21553
Corinna Seib-Glaszis16-20272
Prof. Dr. Verena Spatz16-20470
Luisa Riik
Dr. Kathrin Hofmann16-22942
Dorothee Nikolaus16-22930
Miriam Seebach
Simone Bartl-Zimmermann16-20904
Dr. Kerstin Reifenrath16-22342
Dr. Elaheh Ghorbani16-21891
Dr. Laura Stutenbecker16-20633
Dipl.-Ing. Claudia Castrillon16-20612
Melanie Fiedler16-23088
Silke Wallner16-23013
Dipl.-Des. Barbara Schäfer16-22441
Dipl.-Des. Rita Somfalvy16-20379
Andrea Wittmann23472
Christiane Gerlitzky16-23357
Pia Niessen16-23110
Kamelia Kletti16-23784
Heidi Schweitzer16-24585
Mihaela Damian
Claudia Klein16-29976
Anna Pfendler16-24673
Ann-Kathrin Seifert16-21354
Anissa Hadhri
Ann-Kathrin Braun16-22622
Dr. Juliane Krämer16-20662
Elke Reimund16-22421
Anna-Katharina Wickert16-21368
Giulia Traverso
Nadja Geisler
Julie Fang
Aylin Müller-Cin

Contact persons central services

Name Working area(s) Office Phone E-mail
Anna Kromer-Pszonicka16-71009
Somay Laut16-71078
Jutta Ries16-71182
Astrid Heilmaier16-76250
Monika Lehr-Wleklinski16-76302
Claudia Malzer16-76222
Susan Mixdorf16-76331
Britta Friedmann16-21132

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Tasks of Gender Equality Officers of the departments

Personnel and administrative bodies

  • Advisory member on the Departmental Council
  • Advisory member on Professorial Appointments Committees
  • Advisory participation in recruitment procedures
  • Contact person for female members of staff

Strategic development planning

  • Development and coordination of a gender equality action plan

Promotion of gender equality in the department

  • Planning and implementation e.g. of workshops on gender sensitisation and the advancement of women
  • Planning and implementation of networking meetings
  • Measures to promote courses and training opportunities in the field to female students


  • Involvement on the awards committee for women's advancement funds in the department

Election and work regulations

  • Election by the women’s general meeting in the respective field for two years
  • Appointment by the Departmental Chairperson
  • Ideally, female employees from various status groups (one or more deputies are elected)
  • Activities are performed during working hours (release from official work with no reduction in earnings, where required for the performance of their duties; appropriate release is decided on within the faculty)
  • Confirmation of voluntary activities as Gender Equality Officers of the departments by the President of TU and the central Gender Equality Officer

Meetings of Gender Equality Officers of the departments

  • Regular meetings with the Gender Equality Officers of other fields and the central Gender Equality Officer
  • Information about current measures and projects
  • Discussion of current individual cases and matters relating to university policy
  • Where required, establishment of working groups on certain topics
  • Communication with experts
  • Further training opportunities