Glossar Gleichstellung


Gender equality

The gender equality of men and women is the actual establishment of equal living and working conditions as well as access to resources and participation opportunities.

Gender equity

Identifying inequalities between the genders with the aim of establishing equal opportunities.

Equal opportunities

Equal chance of access and participation for all people in all areas and to all resources.

Advancement of women

Comprises measures for the targeted professional development of women with the aim of eliminating actual existing inequalities.

Gender diversity

The term focuses on the category of gender, and takes into account diversity issues for all people (age, ethnic background, social status, educational background, sexual orientation, physical disability, religion) and the diversity of ways of life.

Diversity means the equal, prejudice-free treatment of all regardless of all diversity features (such as gender, age, religion, ideology, ethnicity, race, physical or mental disability, sexual identity, ways of life, social situations, background and culture).

Women’s studies

On 29th May 1908, the Grand Duchy of Hesse-Darmstadt decided to allow women to study on a regular basis for the first time. The first 24 female students began their studies in the winter semester of 1908 at both of the state’s scientific universities at the time in Gießen and Darmstadt.

Women were previously only admitted to universities in Hessen as listeners and, at most, were approved for examinations with a certificate of exemption from the Ministry of the Interior. With a further decree on 29th August 1908, the admission of women under the same conditions as men was determined by decree. Further information about women’s studies at TU Darmstadt. (in German)

Franziska Braun

Franziska Braun is the first female student enrolled at TH Darmstadt in the department of Architecture in 1908. This enrolment heralds a new era, Franziska Braun conquers a field that has been closed off to women until that time: science and technology. TU Darmstadt honours its pioneer by naming its gender equality award after her.