Team im Gleichstellungsbüro

Team at Gender Equality Office

Name Working area(s) Office Phone E-mail
Gender Equality Officer
Dr. Uta Zybell
Head of Gender Equality OfficeS1|03 74a-26669
Agathe Anspach
Office administration, finances, organization of in-house training 'women's programme', projects Femtec and ProProfessurS1|03 74-26669
Sandra Krause
S1|03 74
Gender Equality Advisor
Dr. Inga Halwachs
Consulting for Gender Equality Officers of the departments, Coordinator of initiative programme for gender equalityS1|03 75-26811
Marion Klenk
mentoring programs, coordinator of women professor programme II, project team antisexismS1|03 75a-21679
Gender Consultant
Frauke Eckl
Gender consulting for research associationsS1|03 75-26814
Dr. Karin Süß
Gender consulting for research associationsS1|03 75-26813
Project coordinator Big Sister
Franziska Lach
Big Sister - Mentorin and NetworkingS1|03 75-26812
Ann-Kathrin Schrott