RTG 2222
Critical infrastructures: construction, functional crises and protection in cities

General Information

The Research Training Group conducts research into critical infrastructures (CI) in cities: the functioning of cities is highly dependent on technical systems e.g. the provision of water and electricity, waste management, communication and transport, which are regarded as the ‘nervous system’ of modern cities. Breakdowns and malfunctions can be troublesome and even lead to dramatic crises that can be life-threatening to city dwellers. The increasing vulnerability of modern (urban) societies is usually believed to have various causes: on the one hand, in recent years external threats from natural catastrophes, terrorist attacks and cyberattacks have come into focus; on the other, risks also result from the increasing complexity and interdependency of the systems.


Best Practices

One of the most effective measures for supporting women in advancing their careers in academia is coaching. The RTG KRITIS has been offering coaching units for their female researchers from the beginning and makes therefore fully use of the gender equality funds provided by the DFG.

The RTG Kritis has been actively involved in gaining more female PhD-students in their research network. Through two different info events, „Promovieren am Graduiertenkolleg KRITIS “, recent or soon-to-be female graduates were adressed and got a glimpse of what it means to do a PhD at the RTG.