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The Female Student Travel Award once a year SFB 1053 MAKI, SFB 1119 CROSSING, GRK 2050

With this award, the research networks appreciate exceptionally well performances of female students in computer science, electrical engineering and information technology. The winners are invited to attend one renowned (inter)national conference and therefore can have first insights into science as well as networking opportunities. The six possible conferences are the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, the Ada Lovelace Festival, the Informatica Feminale, Ingenieurinnen-Sommeruni, WE or Ditact.

Call for applications: once a year

Research networks: CRC 1053 MAKI, CRC 1119 CROSSING, RTG 2050

Target group: female Master students or advanced female Bachelor students

Discipline(s): Electrical engineering and information technology and computer science (as well as related disciplines)

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More information available in German.

More information available in German.


For better being able to recruit excellent foreign female researchers at the junior researchers’ level, it is desirable to educate them in the field of the SFB already at the Master level at TU Darmstadt. However, since a two-year long Master study may be financially inhibitive for many excellent female students from foreign countries, TU Darmstadt and its Institute for Nuclear Physics have established the “Ira Rischowski” program which offers an annual awarding of two-years stipends for exceptionally talented female Master students from abroad for conducting their Master studies in the fields of nuclear physics, nuclear astrophysics, or accelerator science at TU Darmstadt. Graduates from this program will represent excellent candidates for positions within the SFB in the future.

Call for applications: annually

Research networks: RTG 2128, CRC 1245

Target group: International female Master students

Discipline(s): Nuclear physics, nuclear astrophysics or accelerator science

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The RTG KRITIS has been actively involved in attracting more women for an academic career. The RTG already invited twice all interested recent or soon-to-be female graduates to a networking event, where they were presented with information on the research topics of the RTG, got insights on the supporting structures and could mingle with female researchers from the network.

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More Information available in German.