Name Date Genre Research Networks
Mindroid-Workshop 2018 – today workshop SFB 1053 MAKI
Get-Together Brunch/ Lunch with the Speaker 2017 – today networking meetings SFB-TRR 211
Women's Week 2017 – today lecture, workshop, colloquium SFB 1245
Lecture Series 2016 – today lecture series GRK 2050
Networking of Women in Computing 2014 – today networking meetings SFB 1053 MAKI
Ruzena Bajcsy Lectures on Communication 2014 – today lecture series SFB 1053 MAKI
CROSSFYRE 2011 – today workshop SFB 1119 CROSSING
Equal Opportunities in Research Areas 2020 panel discussion SFB 805, SFB 1194, SFB-TRR 150 and SFB-TRR 270
Gender Equality in Physics 2019 workshop SFB-TRR 211
Two Carreers – One Family 2019 panel discussion SFB-TRR 150, SFB 1194, SFB 805
Carreer Pathes – Reports from Female Engineers 2018 Kaminabend SFB 805, SFB 1194, SFB-TRR 150

Two Carreers – One Family

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Women's Week

Women’s Weeks are annual events of the SFB 1245 which aim at actively discussing gender equality and bringing it to the attention to everyone within the SFB in various different ways. These special weeks come along with a special colloquium. For the latter, internationally renowned female researchers are invited.

For example, in 2017, the renowned book author, Sharon Bertsch McGrayne, gave a physics colloquium on “Bayes’ rule and Laplace’s big data” within this week. In 2020, the Women’s Week featured a colloquium on “A new perspective on the Universe in the era of multi-messenger astronomy” by the winner of the New Horizons in Physics Prize, Prof. Samaya Nissanke. The colloquium is always combined with networking events among all female SFB members and the invited speaker. Important integrated pillars of each Women’s Week are topical workshops, such as the so-called “Challenge Club” by Christiane Zerfaß in 2018 and a workshop on gender awareness and unconscious bias by Deborah Ruggieri in 2020.

Kaminabend: “Carreer Pathes – Reports from Female Engineers”

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Lecture Series

Since the year 2016, the RTG 2050 has invited female students to a series of exciting talks held by female researchers in order to increase the visibility of role models, to share knowledge about exciting research topics and to show possible career paths in academia.

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SFB 1119 CROSSING regularly organizes or supports the yearly International Workshop on Cryptography, Robustness, and Provably Secure Schemes for Female Young Researchers (CROSSFYRE). This workshop brings together young researchers in the field of Cryptography and Information Security to help them to promote their research. An additional aim is to raise awareness among participants on gender-equality, to present the outcome of relevant social studies on the topic, and to discuss possible measures for improving the current situation.

Get-Together Brunch/ Lunch with the Speaker

The CRC-TRR 211 offers regular social events for their female researchers and puts an emphasis on creating opportunities, like the „Get-Together Brunch“ or the „Lunch with the Speaker“, which highlights networking opportunities and gives room for female researchers to make themselves visible in their community.

Gender Equality in Physics

The Equal-Opportunity Committee has organized a two-day workshop “Gender Equality in Physics” in December 2019. International speakers have been invited to give talks on diversity, gender bias, discrimination, and overcoming barriers. Also a coaching on “Gender aspects of career development” took place.

Mindroid Workshop

The CRC 1053 MAKI cooperates with the “NeXT-Generation-Lab” at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology where courses and workshops introduce students to the programming language Java (LeJOS). They are the foundation of MAKIs efforts to address especially female students, within the “Girls’Day – Mädchen-Zukunftstag” at TU Darmstadt among others.

The Mindroid-Workshop uses Lego Mindstorm robots that communicate and cooperate via Android smartphones. This application scenario is oriented at MAKI’s fields of research; it addresses female students and in particular furthers MAKI’s goal of counteracting the underrepresentation of female researchers in the participating fields (Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Computer Science).

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Networking of Women in Computing

Name: Networking of Women in Computing

Since: 2014

Research Network: CRC 1053 MAKI

The regular meet-ups for female students and (post-)doctoral researchers give a chance to speak to an international female scientist in an informal setting. A focus is on networking among women, and the exchange of experiences among the participants. Each event has a specific theme, e.g. gender-specific career issues.

Ruzena Bajcsy Lectures on Communication

The CRC MAKI invites regularly international female researchers from the field of electrical engineering and information technology to present their work in the lecture series „Ruzena Bajcsy Lectures on Communication“. Through this, the CRC shows how many renowned women work in its field. The eponym of this lecture series is herself a renowned researcher in electrical engineering and information technology and gave the first lecture of the series in 2014.

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