Emanuel Lukio Mchome

Dolivostraße 15
64293 Darmstadt

Raum: S4|24 106


Short CV

Emanuel Lukio Mchome is a Tanzanian historian who graduated from the University of Dar es Salaam with B. A. (Hons) in 2010, MA Geography and Environmental Management (2013), and MA History (2017). He has education, history, and geography background at both bachelor and master levels, with a particular focus on energy transformation and climate change in Tanzania’s rural areas. Since 2017, he is a Ph.D. student at the Institute of History, Technical University Darmstadt. He is an Associate Member of a multidisciplinary research training group, KRITIS (critical infrastructures: construction, functional crises, and protection in cities). See more: The working title of his current doctoral research is: “History of blackouts in the twentieth century Tanzania’s cities.” He specifically focuses on the way power networks evolved, their breakdowns, and locates the agency of everyday electricity users in developing resilience measures against repetitive failures in cities.

Curriculum Vitae

Since 2017 – to date: A KRITIS and Global History of Technology Associate Member, and a PhD student, Institute of History, Technical University Darmstadt.

2017: MA (History), University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM), Tanzania.

2013 – 2017: An Assistant Lecturer, UDSM.

2012 – 2013: Tutorial Assistant, UDSM.

2013: MA Geography and Environmental Management, UDSM.

2010. B. A. (Hons), UDSM.

Theses & Publication(s):

- Emanuel Lukio, Assessment of Groundwater use in Climate Change Adaptation in Moshi and Mwanga Districts Tanzania, (MA Dissertation: University of Dar es Salaam, 2013).

- Emanuel Lukio, “Energy Sources Transformation in Tanzania’s Moshi Rural District, 1940s – 2010”, (MA Dissertation: University of Dar es Salaam, 2017).

- Emanuel Lukio Mchome, ‘Groundwater use in Climate Change adaptation in Moshi district, Tanzania’, Journal of the Geographical Association of Tanzania, 37: 1 (2017), pp. 26 – 37.

Conference papers and discussions

- Emanuel Lukio Mchome, “From a Tool of Development to a Tool Destruction: Encountering with Blackouts in Tanzanian cities”, paper presented in the Global History of Technology , Writing Global History from Local Perspective, July,2019, Technical University Darmstadt.

- Emanuel Lukio Mchome: “Umeme ni Maendeleo hadi Umeme ni Maisha: Electrification and Meanings in in post-liberal Tanzania, 1990s – 2010s”, a paper presented at the Meeting of the Society of History of Technology, October 24 – 28, Milan, Italy.