About the Graduate School

The Technical University of Darmstadt (TU Darmstadt) provides an outstanding research environment with multiple interdisciplinary and industrial collaborations. Especially in the field of life science engineering, the TU Darmstadt is nationally and internationally visible in the form of individual research projects and in the context of research cooperations.

The Graduate School Life Science Engineering offers an excellent, interdisciplinary education program for highly qualified international scientists/students. Members of the Graduate School benefit from tailor-made courses and workshops to broaden their horizon, as well as promote their social and management skills, preparing them for their career after the PhD.

The Graduate School strengthens the interrelationship between the different research groups of natural and in particular engineering sciences and – where thematically possible – also humanities. At the same time, the Graduate School supports networking between the doctoral candidates and faculties, as well as the presentation of their research at international conferences.

Do you

  • want to understand biological systems no matter at which complexity and functional details?
  • want to apply the knowledge gained, using the principles of rational design, no matter at which size and complexity, for targeted modifications in biological systems?
  • want to use the knowledge about the function of biological systems for the development of bio-inspired drugs, materials, machines or technologies?

Then join the Graduate School and start your academic career in life science engineering.