DFG-Research Training Group 2561
"Materials Compounds from Composite Materials"


Titles, PhD students and main supervisors of all projects within the GRK 2561. For more detailed project descriptions or other involved researchers, visit the project specific site.

Project Title PhD student Supervisor
Project 13 High Temperature Creep and Fatigue of Novel COMMAT System (2nd period) Prof. Matthias Oechsner
Project 1 Single-source precursor synthesis of ceramic nanocomposites for (ultra)high-temperature applications M. Sc. Jan Bernauer Prof. Ralf Riedel
Project 2 Preparation of ceramic coatings based on ultrahigh-temperature ceramic nanocomposites (UHTC-NCs) from precursors M. Sc. Samuel Kredel Prof. Ralf Riedel
Project 3 Material Compounds from Composite Materials for Applications under Extreme Conditions M. Sc. Nathalie Thor Prof. Hans-Joachim Kleebe
Project 4 Thermomechanical Properties of Ceramic-Nanocomposite-Based Monoliths and Coatings M. Sc. Yangyiwei Yang
Prof. Bai-Xiang Xu
Project 5 High-temperature oxidation behavior of ceramic coatings based on polymer-derived ceramic nanocomposites M. Sc. Nils-Christian Petry Dr. Maren Lepple
Project 6 Evolution of Mechanical Properties of Coating Systems during Exposure at High Temperature M. Sc. Jurica Filipovic Prof. Matthias Oechsner
Project 7 High-temperature Stability in Harsh Environments – Hot Corrosion of Refractory Silicides M. Sc. Katharina Beck PD Mathias Galetz
Project 8 Evaluation of additive manufacturing for RM-Si(-B-X) based substrates M. Sc. Frauke Hinrichs
Prof. Martin Heilmaier
Project 9 Phase-field simulations of multiphase microstructure evolution in binary and ternary Mo- Ti-Si-(B) M. Sc. Yuhan Cai
Prof. Britta Nestler
Project 10 Small scale deformation and failure of Mo silicides M. Sc. Georg Winkens Prof. Ruth Schwaiger
Project 11 Thermodynamics, kinetics and constitution in the Mo-Ti-Si(-B) system M. Sc. Andreas Czerny Prof. Hans-Jürgen Seifert
Project 12 Ab-initio Berechnungen der Bulk- und Grenzflächeneigenschaften bei hohen Temperaturen M. Sc. David Kasdorf Prof. Karsten Albe