General Qualification Programme

The qualification programme offers a wide variety of courses for professional and social skills.

Die Struktur des allgemeinen Qualifikationsprogramms
Structure of Qualification Programme

What you should know about the Ingenium qualification programme:

Schedule The programme is issued biannually (October-March and April-September).
Target group Early career researchers of all disciplines at TU Darmstadt (primarily doctoral candidates, but also postdocs). Postdocs may also participate in a specific programme exclusively for postdoctoral researchers.
Structure Three-stage programme according to the advancement of early career researchers within their doctoral phase (see chart).
Quality Small group size, experienced trainers.
Costs Courses are free of charge for early career researchers of the TU Darmstadt.
Relevance Course contents are applicable in the academic world as well as industry.
Flexibility Free choice and order of courses.
Planning Courses are repeated on a regular basis.
Current programme and registration The current programme and registration material can be found here.

If you are interested in a topic which is not yet offered, please send your suggestions to .

Courses in Cooperation

Ingenium organises courses in cooperation for a specific group of doctoral candidates at the request of departments, graduate schools, or research training groups. Please get in touch with if you are interested.