East partnerships

DAAD Eastern Partners

The DAAD Eastern Partners Programme supports and strengthens relationships between German colleges and colleges in Middle, Eastern, and Southern Europe, as well as former Soviet countries.

This programme seeks:

  • To stabilize existing and initiate new, lasting partnerships between colleges in this region.
  • To initiate collaboration in teaching and research across a diverse array of disciplines.
  • Sustainable, structural improvements of the teaching and research conditions in partner countries.
  • To provide more international perspectives within German and foreign universities

TU Darmstadt works together with partner universities in Romania and Russia. In Romania, TU is paired with the Polytechnic University of Bucharest.

In Russia, TU Darmstadt focuses on its relationship with the city of St. Petersburg. The University has longstanding relationships with the National University for Economics and Finance of St. Petersburg (UNECON), the National Polytechnic University of St. Petersburg and the National University for Information Technology, Mechanics, and Optics of St. Petersburg.

Support is available for the following:

  • Exchange between German and foreign students, scientists, professors, and graduates
  • The DAAD subsidizes the travel costs for German participants
  • The DAAD subsidizes the living expenses of foreign participants
  • Personal expenses cannot be subsidized

TU Darmstadt is focused on supporting visits from junior scientists at its Eastern partner universities.

If you are would like to pursue this scholarship or have any questions concerning the DAAD Eastern Partners Programm, please contact