FAQ Incoming Exchange

Frequently Asked Questions

Application Process

After you have been nominated by your home university for an exchange at TU Darmstadt, please fill out the online application form. Here you can find the link to the Online Application as well as further useful information.

The deadline for sending your documents is the 31st of May for the winter semester and the 30th of November for the summer semester.

After the deadline, all received applications will be checked. The Letter of Admission will be sent as soon as this process is finished, approximately around two weeks after the deadline. There will be enough time to apply for visa and/or student residence permits.

Language courses

There is an Intensive German Language Course for all our exchange students taking place one month before the new semester starts. In addition, there are German Language Classes during the semester. They are offered by the Language Resource Center and available for all levels of German.

Courses at TU Darmstadt

The complete list of lectures can be found on TUCAN. Since the new course catalogue is only published shortly before the semester, you can refer to the list of lectures from the previous year for planning your Learning Agreement. The course catalogue can be found here.

The majority of lectures are taught in German. However, a list of courses taught in English can be found here.

If you find a class of another department that you’re interested in, this is usually no problem. However, please talk to the TU Darmstadt departmental coordinators at both your department and the one offering the course you are interested in. This is to make sure that you can take the exam and get your ECTS for the class.

The courses at TU Darmstadt are organized as modules, which are divided into one or more sub-modules. A sub-module can e.g. be a lecture, a seminar or practice sessions. Unfortunately, the course catalogue only lists the sub-modules, while the information about ECTS is on the module page, which is only accessible to registered students. To solve this, there are two possibilities: You can either have a look at the responsible department’s module handbook or contact the Departmental Coordinator

When the end of your stay is approaching and all exams are taken, you should contact the office of studies (Studienbüro) at your department and ask for your Transcript of Records. If you are still waiting for grades to be entered into TUCaN, you can also provide them with an address to which you would like your Transcript to be sent as soon as all grades are entered.


There are several possibilities to look for a room in Darmstadt.

The Housing Services for Exchange Studentsoffers a special assistance to international students and exchange students in finding adequate accommodation.

Here you can find more information.

Student card and public transport

After the application period you will get a payment number (BW-Nummer) and the bank data for the semester contribution. You can then pay the semester contribution by bank transfer using the given account data and your payment number. After the payment has arrived on TU Darmstadt’s bank account and you have provided us with a valid proof of health insurance, your student card will be printed. The student card also serves as a ticket for public transport.

The Semesterticket is valid within the area of the local transport association RMV and in some specific parts of neighboring transport associations. Here you can find more information.

You can use all buses, trams, subways (U-Bahn), suburban trains (S-Bahn) and regional trains in the area of validity with your semesterticket. It does not matter if a regional train is operated by Deutsche Bahn or a private company like VIAS, vlexx or Hessische Landesbahn. Attention: The Semesterticket is not valid on long-distance trains (IC, EC, ICE)!

After you have activated your TU-ID (the code is in the letter with the student card), you can either upload a picture or have one taken at HRZ’s photo booths. As soon as your picture has been accepted, your card will go into production. You will be notified when it is ready to be picked up. Here you can find further information.

In case of loss, you can have a new card issued. New student cards are issued by the Studierendenservice in Karo5, a new Athene-Card is issued by HRZ-service in room S103 – 020 (old main building). In both cases a service fee has to be paid.

Exception:If your card got stolen, you should first report it to the police. The police will issue a confirmation which you have to bring with you when getting new cards. There is no service fee in this case.

If you need to consult a doctor, you should contact a general doctor (“Hausarzt”) first. The general doctor will then decide whether it is necessary to prescribe medication and/or to forward you to a specialist. In case of emergency, you should call the emergency number 112. Whenever you need medical assistance, remember to take your insurance card with you.

How to get to Darmstadt

The nearest Airport is Frankfurt am Main International. It offers many worldwide flight connections. Another Airport, Frankfurt-Hahn is located more than 100 km away from Frankfurt despite its name. Many low-cost airlines rather fly to Frankfurt-Hahn instead of Frankfurt am Main International. There are shuttle buses between the two airports..

A direct express bus connection, the “Airliner” runs between Darmstadt and the Airport. It stops in front of both terminals and then goes straight to Darmstadt. Here the schedule and farescan be found

Alternatively you may also use regular public transport. Information about timetables and connections is provided by the local transport association, RMV.

Darmstadt’s central station (Hauptbahnhof) offers connections to the surrounding cities and also some long distance trains. While there are some IC and ICE trains that stop in Darmstadt, in most cases you will have to change trains in Frankfurt or Mainz. Her you can search for train connections.

Darmstadt and the surrounding area have a well-functioning public transportation system, so you can easily get to Darmstadt on your own.