Homogeneous Catalysis

Homogeneous Catalysis

Iptycene-based Polymerization and Depolymerization Catalysts

Project Description

Organometallic complexes enable the transition metal-catalyzed synthesis of organic polymers with a large variety of polymer microstructure, whose synthesis can be controlled by the nature of the catalyst. Metal complexes of carefully designed ligands allow the precise control over the nature of the formed polymer. Specifically we are interested in alternating ring opening polymerization (aROMP) and ethylene-polymerization reactions utilizing iptycene-based NHC-metal complexes. The activity of the organometallic catalyst, the degree of branching, the molecular weight, phase transitions of the polyethylene are important criteria for the quality of the research.

The same catalysts which are used for polymerization are also be suitable for the corresponding depolymerization reactions, in which large macromolecules are disintegrated into small organic molecules. Specifically we are interested in the depolymerization reaction of natural rubber via ethenolysis using ruthenium-based catalysts.

The project work will be carried out in close cooperation with a Ph. D. Student in my research group and is going to focus on the synthesis of new iptycene-based NHC ligands, their conversion into the organometallic catalysts complexes as well as the respective polymerization and depolymerization reactions and the analysis of the obtained materials.

Pre-requisites or requirements for the project

Recommended literature and preparation

Additional Information

Capacity One student
Project available until end of Dec 2018
Credits 18 ECTS