Augmented Reality Support for Factory Workers

Augmented Reality Support for Factory Workers

Project Description

Nowadays, production businesses try to migrate complex manufacturing tasks to automated processes. However, for some steps trained workers are needed and have to intervene in the production line. This can be manual assembly tasks, machine adjustments or preparing components for the subsequent iteration. This leads to the challenge that the operating personal has to take care of an indefinite amount of special cases and exceptions. Mostly, the reasons are related to technical difficulties, such as the complexity of the machine or the visibility of single components. Nevertheless, those situations can occur if the workers are unexperienced or the task is not common. One way to overcome these cognitively complex tasks is using Augmented Reality for providing cognitive support.

In this project, we will implement and evaluate several Augmented Reality approaches for detecting work pieces during production processes for large scale machines. As a result, we want to identify the needs of the workers and provide novel interaction techniques using upcoming Augmented Reality trends to support production processes.

Pre-requisites or requirements for the project

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Additional Information

Capacity One student
Project available until end of Aug 2018
Credits 18 ECTS