Smart Bearings – Global development trends

Smart Bearings – Global development trends

Enhancing functionality of roller and journal bearings

Project Description

To enhance practical implementation of modern concepts like Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0 or the development of cyberphysical systems it is necessary to develop new sensor concepts suitable for near-process integration in mechanical design. In order to supply sensors with energy, to conduct signals or to simply use existing machine elements as sensors there is the chance to develop a new field in machine element research concentrating on the respective functional enhancement of classical machine elements. First experiments conducted at pmd have provided evidence of the basic ability of roller and journal bearings to serve as sensors to measure e.g. process related forces in the direct vicinity of mechanical processes. Task of the project is to provide an overview of current state of the art experimental studies in the US academic world and to bring a more global perspective into the discussion of potential use cases for machine elements with structure integrated sensors with focus on smart bearings.

Pre-requisites or requirements for the project

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Capacity One student
Project available until end of Oct 2019
Credits 18 ECTS