Collinear laser spectroscopy

Collinear laser spectroscopy

ALIVE – High voltage measurement with ppm accuracy using collinear laser spectroscopy

Project Description

Collinear laser spectroscopy is a well-known technique to study nuclear ground state properties of short-lived nuclei with laser spectroscopy. At the Institute of Nuclear Physics we are currently installing a new device at which we will use collinear laser spectroscopy on an ion beam for a high voltage measurement aiming at an accuracy of <1ppm which would exceed the performance of state-of-the-art high accuracy high voltage dividers.

The experiment is currently in the set up phase and the candidate will participate in the commissioning of the ion-optical elements and the ion beam diagnostic devices. He will gain hands-on experience in ion optics, ion trajectory simulations, UHV systems, and experiment control.

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Pre-requisites or requirements for the project

Recommended literature and preparation

Additional Information

Capacity One student
Project available until Only IREP Spring & Fall, end of June 2019
Credits 18 ECTS