Details for École Centrale de Lyon (FB01)

Details for École Centrale de Lyon

Program description

The École Centrale de Lyon is member of the so called “Grandes Écoles” (est. 1990) which is an association of similar institutions with the goal of offering an elite network for students in engineering. Its members follow the approach of a more general training in engineering in contrast to other institutions which are known for their specialist programs. The “Grandes Écoles” are well known to provide the future leaders in government, military, business, science and culture and therefore has a strong reputation all over France.

During the Double Degree Program in cooperation with EC Lyon students have the opportunity to earn the French degree „Diplôme d’Ingénieur Generaliste“ in addition to their Master’s degree from TU Darmstadt. The regular period of study amounts to 5 years, of which the first 2 years consist of preparation courses also known as “Classes Préparatoires”.

Compared to studies at TU Darmstadt the studies at EC Lyon are much broader and offer no specific specializations. The major focus in engineering studies at one of the “Grandes Écoles” in France is on mathematics.

Classes at EC Lyon are taught in French, which is why good knowledge of the language is highly recommended.

Process of Studies

The regular period of studies for the Double Degree at EC Lyon is 12 semesters and thus the accumulated length of study is increased by 2 semesters.

The exchange starts with the 5th semester (winter term) during the Bachelor’s program. As depicted in the chart on the right, students spend 4 semesters at TU Darmstadt, depart for 4 semesters to EC Lyon and finish in the final 4 semesters their program at TU Darmstadt.

The Bachelor’s Thesis has to be written at EC Lyon while the Master’s Thesis needs to be written at TU Darmstadt. In the end of each academic year at EC Lyon students have to complete an internship. The first is the so called “Stage d’Execution” and incorporates a fundamental technical internship. The second comprises a consecutive internship and is called “Stage d’Application”.

Requirements & Application

Excellent course achievement is an important requirement for Double Degree applicants. Furthermore strong commitment to studies and the willingness to deliver more than in other exchange programs is expected. For the Double Degree program at EC Lyon good language skills in French (language level of B1 e.g. French UNICERT I) is particularly required.

The application period starts one year before the planned mobility. Therefore, students that want to apply for winter term 2016/17 or summer term 2017 should apply by the end of 2015. Further information can be found on the website of the Department for Law and Economics.

Financials & Accommondation

Residential accommodation for Double Degree students may be available. Information about available scholarships can be found from the section Funding.

ECL Facts

City Country Lyon, France
PhD Students
Number of available Spots 2
Eligible Programs Industrial Engineering (Mechanical and Electrical Engineering on inquiry also Civil Engineering and Information Systems)
Departments Communication – Languages – Business Studies – Sports (C.L.E.S.)
Electronics – Electrical Engineering – Control Systems (E.E.A.)
Mathematics – Computing and Information Technology (M.I.)
Fluid Mechanics – Acoustics – Energy (MF.A.E.)
Solid Mechanics – Mechanical Engineering – Civil Engineering (MS.GM.GC.)
Materials and Surface Sciences (S.T.M.S.)