Details for Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo (FB01)

Details for Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo

Program description

The Universidade de São Paulo belongs to the biggest and most important universities in Brazil and Latin-America. Founded in 1934, it incorporates well over 90,000 students and offers a wide range of studies which makes it highly ranked among national and international competitors.

During the Double Degree program in cooperation with the Universidade de São Paulo students have the opportunity to acquire the Brazilian degree „Diploma de Engenheiro“ in addition to the Master's degree from TU Darmstadt. The regular period of study amounts to 5 years consisting of two years fundamental studies and three years advanced studies.

The courses at Universidade de São Paulo are all taught in Portuguese, which is why good language skills are required.

Process of Studies

The regular period of study for a Double Degree in cooperation with the Universidade de São Paulo amounts to eleven semesters. Therefore only one more semester in comparison to a regular Master's degree is needed.

The exchange starts in the first semester (winter term) of the Master’s program. First students study 6 semesters at TU Darmstadt, then 3 semesters at Universidade de São Paulo and finalize their studies at TU Darmstadt in the final 2 semesters.

A minimum of 90 credits in Brazil is required and the Master’s Thesis needs to be written at TU Darmstadt.

Requirements & Application

Excellent course achievement is an important requirement for Double Degree applicants. Furthermore strong commitment to studies and the willingness to deliver more than in other exchange programs is expected. For the Double Degree program at EPUSP good language skills in Portuguese (language level of B2 e.g. Portuguese UNICERT II) is particularly required.

The application period starts one year before the planned mobility. Therefore, students that want to apply for winter term 2016/17 or summer term 2017 should apply by the end of 2015. Further information can be found on the webseite of the Department for Law and Economics.


City Country Brazil, São Paulo
Number of available Spots 2
Eligible Programs Industrial Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Engineering)
Departments PCC – Construção Civil
PCS – Computação e Sistemas Digitais
PEA – Energia e Automação Elétricas
PEF – Estruturas e Geotécnica
PHA – Hidráulica e Ambiental
PME – Mecânica
PMI – de Minas de Petróleo
PMR – Mecatrônica e Sist. Mecânicos
PMT – Metalúrgica e de Materiais
PNV – Naval e Oceânica
PQI – Química
PRO – Produção
PSI – Sistemas Eletrônicos
PTC – Telecomunicações e Controle
PTR – Transportes