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Details for École Centrale de Lyon

Programme Description

For many years there have been close cooperative relations between École Central de Lyon and TU Darmstadt. The very first contract for a Double-Degree Programme at TU Darmstadt was drafted between those two institutions.To this day one is being awarded with a diploma at EC Lyon.This implies that there has been no subdivision between a bachelor’s and a master’s programme so far.After having completed their studies successfully, students obtain their master’s degree from TU Darmstadt and their diploma from EC Lyon.

Academic Progress

German and French students spend two years at the respective partner university.After having completed their fourth semester, German students switch to EC Lyon to attend the courses in France from the 5th semester to the 8th Semester.Prior to transferring to EC Lyon, Double-Degree students from TU Darmstadt are being offered a remedial course for mathematics in French to make their start at EC Lyon easier.After their return, students from TU Darmstadt receive their bachelor’s degree and continue their studies with the “Mechanical and Process Engineering” programme at TU Darmstadt. As soon as they have completed their master’s programme successfully, they obtain, after recognition of the courses by EC Lyon, their diploma from the partner institution.

Funding Opportunities & Finances

The Franco-German university supports the Double-Degree programme with a monthly grant of 250 €.

ECL Facts

Location, Country Lyon, France
Number of students
Number of employees
Number of spots for exchange students in agreement with the person responsible
Degree programmes Mechanical and Process Engineering
Website www.ec-lyon.fr

Requirements & Application

Students, who wish to participate in the programme, have to submit their application one year before starting courses at EC Lyon or in their 3rd semester of the bachelor’s programme at TU Darmstadt.

The applicants need to meet following requirements:

• Excellent academic achievements

• Extracurricular activities and social skills

• Proficient in the French language (B1 level)

• Interested in French culture and language

• Willing to write a report about their experience