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Details for Universidade de São Paulo

Programme Description

Universidade de São Paulo (USP) is one of the biggest universities in Brazil. According to international rankings, USP is the best university in Latin America. In contrast to the Mechanical Engineering programme at TU Darmstadt, the programme at USP is not separated into a bachelor’s and master’s programme. Instead, all students obtain a diploma in the course of their 10 semesters of studies. After having completed the programme successfully, students obtain their master’s degree at TU Darmstadt and their diploma at USP.

Academic Progress

Students from TU Darmstadt spend the first three semesters of their master’s programme at USP in Brazil and attend courses with 90 Credits in total. Back in Germany they write their master’s thesis in the 4th semester. The thesis will be monitored both by the Department of Mechanical Engineering at TU Darmstadt and the Escola Politécnica at USP.

Students from Darmstadt have the opportunity to extend the duration of their stay abroad to four semesters, in case they haven’t been able to obtain all 90 Credits within the first three semesters. The same applies to Brazilian students. They transfer to TU Darmstadt after completing their 7th semester and complete the regular master’s programme “Mechanical and Process Engineering”.

Funding Opportunities & Finances

Students participating in the Double-Degree Programme do not have to pay student fees at USP in Brazil.

Location, Country São Paulo, Brazil
Number of students
Number of employees
Number of spots for exchange students  
Degree programmes Mechanical and Process Engineering
Website http://www.usp.br

Requirements & Application

The application to the programme must be submitted during the 5th semester of the bachelor’s programme.

The applicants need to meet following requirements:

• Excellent academic achievements

• Extracurricular activities and social skills

• Proficient in the Portuguese language (Unicert II)

• Having completed an approved industrial internship

• Interested in Brazilian culture and language

• Willing to write a report on the experience made