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Details for Virginia Tech (B.Sc.)

Programme Description

TU Darmstadt and the Virginia Polytechnical Institute and State Univeristy (Virginia Tech) have been working together closely for a long time. This affects both the research areas and the training of the students. The Dual Degree Programme for bachelor students has existed since 2006. This programme enables students from TU Darmstadt to receive two Bachelor’s Degrees in Mechanical Engineering, one from TU Darmstadt and one from Virginia Tech, within the prescribed period of study.

Academic Progress

Within the framework of the Dual Degree Programme, German students complete the first four semesters of the programme at TU Darmstadt. In the following August, they transfer to Virginia Tech for a year. After having completed the programme successfully, they receive a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech and from TU Darmstadt.American students complete the first three years at Virginia Tech and transfer to TU Darmstadt for their Senior Year. They also receive both the German and the American Bachelor’s Degree.

Funding Opportunities & Finances

Students from TU Darmstadt who participate in the Dual Degree Programme don’t have to pay tuition at Virginia Tech. However, they need to pay administrative fees.All students participating receive a monthly partial scholarship of 400€, a subsidy for international health insurance amounting to 35€ per month, and a travelling allowance of 1300€, supported by DAAD and financed by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Virginia Tech Facts

Location, Country Blacksburg, USA
Number of students
Number of employees
Number of spots for exchange students 5-8
Degree programmes Mechanical and Process Engineering
Website www.vt.edu

Requirements & Application

Applicants should meet the following requirements:

• Excellent academic achievements

• Above-average High School Graduation Diploma

• Extracurricular activities and social skills

• Proficient in English

• Recognised industrial internship (6 weeks)

The application process of Virginia Tech requires students to submit the following documents during their third semester:

• Printed application form from Office for International Relations and Mobility (in English)

• Letter of motivation with a short description of the study project abroad

• Certificate of academic achievements (Transcript and Certificate of industrial internship)

• Copy of High School Graduation Diploma

• Curriculum Vitae

A selection committee of the department of Mechanical Engineering checks the applicant’s aptitude and invites suitable candidates for a personal interview. The selection committee then chooses students who are allowed to participate in the programme on the part of TU Darmstadt according to the results of the interviews.

The International Academic Relations Office informs the nominated candidates and makes consultation appointments to discuss the further application process at the partner university.