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Details for Virginia Tech (M.Sc.)

Programme Description

Virginia Tech does not only offer a profound training at bachelor level to their students, but also many possibilities to continue the training in a Graduate Programme. The one-year Mechanical Engineering programme at Virginia Tech can be combined perfectly with the two-year master’s program at TU Darmstadt. After having completed the Dual Degree Programme, students receive the degree from Virginia Tech, which prepares them for the American labour market, and the Master of Science degree from TU Darmstadt, which is not only a good qualification for a career in industry but also enables one to obtain a doctorate in the United States and in Germany.

Academic Progress

Students of TU Darmstadt complete the first year of the master’s program at their home institution and transfer to Virginia Tech at the beginning of the third semester, in order to attend classes and write their master’s thesis. A professor from Virginia Tech is the primary mentor of the master’s thesis and a professor from TU Darmstadt is the co-mentor. If students decide to work as research or teaching assistant at an institution in the United States alongside their studies, the duration of the programme is usually extended by a year.

Funding Opportunities & Finances

Within the framework of the Dual Degree Programme for students enrolled in the Master’s programme, student fees have to be paid. However, students have the possibility to apply for a research or teaching position with a Mechanical Engineering professor. If the application is successful, student fees will be paid for by the respective professorship. In addition, students receive a monthly income, which usually covers the subsistence expenses in the United States.

Location, Country Blacksburg, USA
Number of students
Number of employees
Number of spots for exchange students 2-3
Degree programmes Mechanical and Process Engineering
Website www.vt.edu

Requirements & Application

The application for the Dual Degree within the Master’s programme at Virginia Tech usually has to be submitted during the fifth semester of the bachelor’s programme.

Applicants should meet the following requirements:

• Excellent academic achievements

• Above-average High School Graduation Diploma

• Extracurricular activities and social skills

• Proficient in English

• The industrial internship (12 weeks) has to be recognised prior to going abroad

The following documents have to be submitted to the MechCenter of the Department of Mechanical Engineering:

• Letter of motivation with a short description of the study project abroad

• Certificate of academic achievements (Transcript and Certificate of industrial internship)

• Copy of High School Graduation Diploma

• Curriculum Vitae

A selection committee in the Department of Mechanical Engineering checks the applicant’s aptitude. If the applicant is nominated for the Dual Degree Program, he or she has to apply at Virginia Tech in the following year (in the middle of January, the application deadline is 15 January)