Documents and Forms for your Stay Abroad

Remaining places for student exchange
Last updated: 10.05.2017
This list shows in which exchange programmes there are still vacancies you can apply to. You can apply from 01.05.2017 to 31.05.2017
Guidelines Online Application Outgoer
Last updated: 05.11.2015
Our guidelines provide you with some help when filling in the online application form.
Checklist for documents 2016/17 Overview of all necessary documents for your stay abroad in the academic year 2016/17.
Checklist for Documents 2017/18 Overview of all necessary documents for your stay abroad in the academic year 2016/17.
Erasmus+: Learning Agreement
You will need the Learning Agreement for planning your stay abroad. In it you determine which classes you will take abroad in accordance with TU Darmstadt and the partner university.
Confirmation of Stay 2017/18 This documents confirms the actual beginning and ending of your stay at the partner university (stay abroad 2017/18).
Explanatory Leaflet Experience Reports 2017/18 The explanatory leaflet describes which requirements your experience report has to fulfill.
ERASMUS Charter of TU Darmstadt Proof of the Erasmus university charter, which was awarded to TU Darmstadt by the European Commission.
DAAD language certificate Language certificate of DAAD for German applicants.
Erasmus+ Student Charter
Emphasizes your rights and duties and prepares you what to expect from the sending and receiving institution.
ISCED Code Assignment Here you can find the ISCED codes assigned to the corresponding degree programmes at TU Darmstadt.
Semester Assignments Here you can obtain information on the semester assignments of our partner universities (examples for some countries).

Presentations and more

Infoveranstaltung – Erasmus+ für Nominierte 2017/18 Presentation of the information event for Erasmus+ 2017/18
Finnland-Stipendium – Bewerbungsformular Application Form for the Finland scholarship
Inforveranstaltung – Wege ins Ausland General information for our outgoing students who are planning to study abroad.