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German courses

Participants must be doctoral candidates or postdocs at TU Darmstadt.

In many departments and institutes you will be able to manage your daily routines by speaking English. Still, being able to speak German is of central importance when living in Germany for an extended time.

It is advisable to get at least a basic knowledge in German prior to your arrival to master the everyday tasks and be able to communicate with people.

One option is to participate in free online tutorials (see section “Links” in the column to the right).

German classes at the language resource center at TU Darmstadt

If you would like to start learning German in Darmstadt or extend your verbal skills you will find a variety of courses offered by the language resource center of the university (Sprachenzentrum). You will find courses for “Deutsch als Fremdsprache” (German as a foreign language) for different levels of language competence.

Alternatively you can also use the Campus Language Training Programme offered by the language resource center. With this online platform you can learn German independently by following different tutorials. To use the programme you need an e-mail address from the university that ends with “tu-darmstadt.de”.

Learning German at the Studienkolleg of TU Darmstadt

The preparatory college (Studienkolleg) at the TU Darmstadt has in the first place the task to prepare international students to study at a German university. Therefore the college offers different courses for the linguistic, technical and methodical preparation for studying at the TU Darmstadt.

In the language courses the college offers courses for different language skill levels. Students can also take the DSH-Exam (German language examination for university entrance) (Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang) here, which allows access to study at a German university. However, this test is not required for PhD students.

Even though you do not need to take the DSH-Exam, the courses can still be very interesting. An overview of the courses can be found here.

For questions regarding course offerings, please contact the preparatory college directly. Please note that attendance in these courses is not free of charge. Exact prices can be found on the website of the preparatory college. In addition, there are certain registration periods that must be considered. The offered courses can only be taken by doctoral students, who are currently enrolled as a doctoral student. At the time of registration, proof of enrollment must be provided.

German courses for your family

If your family accompanies you to Germany you will find several options for them to learn German.

Next to German classes offered by the Goethe-Institute in Frankfurt there are also courses offered by the Volkshochschule Darmstadt or by private providers.


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