Welcome Centre – Resident's Registration Office

Registration at the residents' registration office

Everyone who moves to Germany has to register with the local authorities within one week. You have to register with the residents' registration office in the city where you live in. You can find the address and opening hours of the residents' registration office of Darmstadt here. If your accommodation is not located in Darmstadt please register with the local authorities in your new city.

Necessary documents:

  • identification card / passport
  • rental agreement

This registration is free of charge.

Tip: To avoid that your data is disseminated to other parties you can ask the personnel at the registration office to set up certain restrictions regarding disclosure and dissemination of your personal data (so called Übermittlungs- und Auskunftssperren).

Please contact the Welcome Centre at an early stage so that we can support you at your start at the TU Darmstadt. Please fill in the contact form.


This website is for information purposes only and the statements are not legally binding. Please contact the authorities to clarify which regulations apply in your case.