Welcome Centre - After your arrival

After your arrival in Germany

We hope that you had a nice trip to Germany and enjoyed your first days in Darmstadt. Soon after your arrival, you should take care of some organisational issues. Below you will find an overview of the main tasks.

Please contact the Welcome Centre at an early stage so that we can support you at your start at the TU Darmstadt. Please fill in the contact form.


1. Registration with the residents' registration office

Within a week, you must register with the appropriate registration office.

More information can be found here .

2. Opening a bank account

After registration at the registration office, you can open an account at a bank or savings bank of your choice.

More information about „bank accounts“ can be found here .

3. Register for health insurance

If you have not decided upon a health insurance yet, you should take a look at the different providers now and register with the health insurance provider of your choice.

On this page you will find more information about health insurance .

4. Make application for admission as a doctoral candidate in the department

(not applicable for postdocs)

Provide the application for admission as a doctoral candidate in the department early. During this procedure it is checked whether you are eligible for a doctorate or whether you may still have to meet requirements (for international degrees and diplomas from FH).

Please address any questions about “acceptance as a doctoral candidate” to the Dean's office of your department.

5. Enrol as doctoral student

(not applicable for postdocs)

It may be useful for you – especially if you are receiving a scholarship – to enrol as a doctoral student at the TU Darmstadt. As a result, you ensure membership in the university if you are not already an employee of the University. In addition, it may be necessary for your visa and other administrative matters.

More information about enrolment can be found here .

6. Order the “Athene-Karte”

the so called “Athene-Karte” combines various functions that can be useful for you at the TU Darmstadt. With it you can pay in the cafeterias without cash or use the University and State Library. Additionally the “Athene-Karte” is used to document your membership of the TU Darmstadt.

More information is available here >>.

7. Unlock the library card

To use the “Athene-Karte” as a library card, this function must be unlocked.

Information can be found on the website of the University library .

8. Apply for residence permit

If you come from a non-EU country to Germany, you will need to transform your entry visa into a residence permit before it expires. After registration at the registration office you will usually, in a timely manner, receive a letter from the immigration office with an invitation for an interview appointment. If you haven't received a letter one week before your current visa expires, please get in touch with the immigration office/foreigners office directly.

More information on the topic „residence“ can be found here .

9. Chose a mobile communication model

In Germany you find different providers for mobile communication packages. In general you can find two different models which cater for different communication habits.

You can find some general information on the topic on this website .

10. Register for important insurance

In addition to a health insurance you should in any case consider the registration for liability insurance. Other insurance may be appropriate depending on the circumstances.

An overview of the most important types of insurance can be found here .

11. Select model of occupational pension scheme

Employees have to decide within the first two months for a model of occupational pension schemes (VBL).

Information and support can be found on these pages .

12. Registration for the broadcast contribution

All citizens in Germany have to pay a contribution to public broadcasting. The fee is generally charged per apartment.

More about broadcast contributions can be found on the following pages .

13. Check the sports programme offered by the university

At TU Darmstadt the university sports center offers a wide variety of sports. New courses normally start at the beginning of the semester but certain sports can also be accessed at a later time.

Information on the university sports center are available here .

14. Sign up for a German class

If you are interested in learning German you are welcome to sign up for German classes offered by the language ressource center of the university or by Ingenium.

More information on German classes are available here